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“You can touch it with your eyes”: hyperphotography, interview with Jean-François Rauzier

Hyperphotography, as an undercurrent of the broad concept of post-photography, has maintained a trend of high public interest for more than two decades. However, this media and socio-cultural attention is not being reciprocated by the academy. In photographic epistemology and analysis, one can find theoretical corpuses of a classical nature and with the possibility of generic application. However, implementation and conceptual construction around each concrete typology of post-photography should be adapted to its particularities. In other words, there is a lack of knowledge and theoretical analysis in this respect, which this interview with its main international exponent is intended to fill.

Jean-François Rauzier is the leading exponent of the hyperphotographic image. With a career spanning thirty years, twenty of which have been devoted to hyperphotography, he has a collection of more than a thousand works, exhibited in different parts of the world such as New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, etc. Rauzier has been recognised with awards such as the Arcimboldo Prize for Digital Photography (2008), the Alençon APPPF Prize (2009) and the B. Braun Foundation Award (2011).

This interview was conducted in April 2023.

Author: Sara Calvete Lorenzo Rocío del Pilar Sosa Fernández Year: 2023Titulo: “You can touch it with your eyes”: hyperphotography, interview with Jean-François Rauzier Category: Others Title magazine/book: Arte, Individuo y SociedadVolume: 35Number: 3Beginning page: 1177Ending page: 1183City: MadridCountry: EspañaEditorial: Ediciones ComplutenseURL:
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