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Trends in Journalism for Metamedia of Connectivity and Mobility

The evolution of the networked society is defining journalistic practices and trends. While the elements of journalism remain, there is no doubt that the possibilities offered by existing tools feed experiencing renewed dimensions, from which there arise formats and pieces that help professionals to develop more quality information, according to the characteristics of the present communication environment. As this new ecosystem is formed, journalism is defining its elements in the age of metamedia. The work explores some of the ongoing news practices of recent years, such as data journalism, immersive journalism, slow journalism, real-time journalism and drone journalism. It also includes results on new media trends, contributions on metamedia and news added value.

Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez Vázquez , Xosé Soengas Pérez Year: 2017Titulo: Trends in Journalism for Metamedia of Connectivity and Mobility Category: Book chapter Title magazine/book: Media and Metamedia Management. Francisco Campos Freire, Xosé Rúas Araújo, Valentín Alejandro Martínez Fernández, Xosé López GarcíaBeginning page: 457Ending page: 462Country: SuízaEditorial: SpringerISBN: 978-3-319-46068-0URL:
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