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O xornalista especializado: formación e características

The specialised information was born from the journalist purpose to deepen in public interest topics and to process them as monographs. The proliferation of information proposals and the increasing of competitiveness forced many media to look for a new place in the market by means of the specialization of contents, and the offering of alternative products. This tendency also asked for a professional with an adequate training for the new journalism demands. Because specialization requires not only journalist knowledge, but also competence in the contents they write about. Nonetheless, there were opposed positions in the debate about the most suitable training for professionals; if it was necessary an expert or a specialised journalist to write the information, or that any journalist could write any information by asking the right sources. The result of the debate was that the adequate portrait of a specialised journalist is a professional especially dedicated to an area or someone with general knowlegde in journalism and specialised in a single topic, but always a professional of information.

Author: Xosé Soengas Pérez Year: 2003Titulo: O xornalista especializado: formación e características Category: Scientific article Number: 2Beginning page: 79Ending page: 87Editorial: Estudios de ComunicaciónISSN: 1578-4916URL:
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