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O tratamento informativo dos acontecementos de relevancia extraordinaria

Informative events of outstanding significance need a specific treatment due to their peculiar characteristics. Since they have a huge impact in society and bring highly relevant consequences to it, these events endure much longer than everyday news. Facts are measured out and different dimensions of events are progressively amplified.

This kind of events can be divided in two groups: those with economical after-effects and those with mainly social repercussions, even though both effects frequently coexist. Besides, there are two possible forms of information processing for events of outstanding significance: on the one hand, general processing sets out the most important characteristics of the event from a global point of view; on the other hand, personalized processing focuses on a particular fact or an involved individual to be afterwards extrapolated.

Author: Xosé Soengas Pérez Year: 2005Titulo: O tratamento informativo dos acontecementos de relevancia extraordinaria Category: Scientific article Number: 3-4Beginning page: 147Ending page: 157Editorial: Estudios de comunicaciónISSN: 1885-6632URL:
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