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El discurso radiofónico. Particularidades de la narración sonora

The narrative characteristics of the radio story are defined by the diversity of the elements that compose the message. The sonorous dimension of radio implies some peculiarities that differentiate it from other media and, at the same time, conditions the construction of the story. Besides, it is important to analyse separately the different discursive modalities that exist in radio, because each one has particular characteristics that affect the communicative style and the writing norms. The informative discourse, the dramatic one, the prepared one, the natural or the spontaneous are the main variants. Each genre relates to a particular scheme and specific codes. Radio stories admit linear narration and parallel narration. Both modalities determine the construction of the discourse and its decoding.

Author: Xosé Soengas Pérez Year: 2005Titulo: El discurso radiofónico. Particularidades de la narración sonora Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: PRISMA.COM. Revista de Ciencias da Informaçao e da Comunicaçao do CETAC.Number: 1Beginning page: 101Ending page: 127
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