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Carta da Galiza

«A singular ephemeris opens the door to this new edition of the Anuário: the institutional recognition of Galician as the only own language of Galiza, that was the condition for the Lei de Normalización Lingüística de 1983 and that, in a volume articulated around a, is relevant to be aware of the differences, the historical contexts, the value not olny of use as representation of this essential agent in the definition of lusophone space. Speaking from communication, languages are objects and is though expressed in a concrete language, —for the case, in the variations of Portuguese and Galcian—, and as Edeline Mendes, professor of Universidade Federal da Bahía, warned in the Coloquio internacional sobre a lingua portuguesa na diáspora, celebrated in 2012 in the city of Praia, language is legacy [and is construction] cultural and of identity and we have, so that, the capacity and the duty to act through it».

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión , Xosé López García Year: 2013Titulo: Carta da Galiza Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Anuário Internacional de Comunicaçao Lusófona 2013. Comunicación na diáspora e diásporas na comunicación.City: Santiago de CompostelaCountry: Galicia (España)Editorial: AGACOM/LUSOCOMISSN: 2255-2243
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