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“Vertigo” as Alfred Hitchcock’s mirror. Reflections on religion, death and desire

The aim of this thesis is to offer new approaches on desire, death and religion in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. I have studied the possible filmed end of the movie, and a real case whose story might have influenced Vertigo. Desire has been cosidered from the Code Hays point of view as well as from Bertolt Bretch’s Alienation Theories. In a different way, medical concepts in the development of Vertigo has been also studied, being Melancholy the main one. Dealing with intertextuality in Vertigo, I have paid special attention to texts written before the times of the Bible, the Bible itself, and other texts from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, Anatolia (hittite), Syria, Phoenicia, Iran, and also from the New Testament, are all of them a set of mythological concerns that influence artists to this date.


Author: Esperanza Álvarez CastilloDirector: José Luis Castro de PazReading Date: 19/07/2017
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