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Produción de efectos visuais e técnicas de composición dixital no contexto cinematográfico español. Análise e influencia da dixitalización dos procesos produtivos

This research work focuses on the workflows that occur in the creation of a film, which are analyzed from the perspective of the production of visual effects and techniques of digital composition as a fundamental part of the post-production phase. The marked technological component of this work is determined by the very nature of the digital composition, whose importance is analyzed to the extent that conditions the management of the resources that are the responsibility of the production team.

The study finds a tendency to increase the production of visual effects and an increase in the importance of the post-production phase itself. It also affects how Spanish cinematography is not being able to normalize the presence of a workflows coordination figure that derive from the production of visual effects and personifies the management of new production schemes. Nowaday, this structural weakness is giving rise to situations in which the production nucleus of the film does not have an effective control over the post-filming phases, which compromise more and more resources. This limitation is aggravated by the absence of international digital standards, which complicate the accessibility of information and communication between the different parties.

Only from the creation of agile and innovative production paradigms, which allow to correctly manage the application of digital tools, visual effects can become a dynamic factor in Spanish cinema as a cultural industry.

Author: Oswaldo García CrespoDirector: Dr. Jaime Francisco Fandiño AlonsoReading Date: 03/12/2012
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