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Os informativos diarios nas televisións locais de Galicia. A información televisiva no espacio local

As the first study carried out at the University of Santiago de Compostela on local television in Galicia and, more specifically, on the daily news programs on these small stations, this research begins with an introduction chapter where a local television definition is provided, applicable to the Galician audiovisual landscape, to then contextualize the birth of these stations and address the development of the sector that within a few months marks 20 years of existence in Galicia.

A period of uncertainty and sustained development of televisions that have been conditioned by issues of a legal nature and by other aspects of a professional nature that have created a weak sector that today faces the serious problem posed by market penetration of national chains with pretensions of alliances-business concentrations that threaten to seriously damage the central axis of these televisions: local production in which a very prominent role is played by information.

For this reason, and as a transitional chapter, we justify the important presence of the news programs in the programming grids of these stations, as well as the balance that they print in the increasingly global audiovisual panorama based on the alternative offer and at the same time complementary. These televisions provide us with information on the formats of their news programs, as a research center.

Author: Ana Isabel Rodríguez VázquezDirector: Dr. Xosé Soengas PérezReading Date: 03/11/2000Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude
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