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Os contidos dos espacios informativos de circuito na radio en Galicia

The objective of this thesis is to study the contents of the Galician-language information spaces broadcasted by the various radio media during the years 1966-1997 for the whole of the Galician autonomous community. The analyzed spaces correspond to all the media that in this biennium carried out this type of news: RNE in Galicia, Radio Galega, SER, COPE, Radio Voz and Onda Cero.

The Thesis is structured in six chapters. The first one approaches the historical process of Galician news programs and the theoretical framework of radio and information in Galicia, while the second centers the analysis on the elements that determine the contents under study. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 study the characteristics of the presence of informative content in the news through, respectively, the informative sources, the protagonists and the present themes.

The thesis concludes with a sixth chapter focused on the contents of the headlines, information from the rest of the State and the world of Radio Galega and advertising.

Author: Manuel Rodríguez FernándezDirector: Dr. Xosé Soengas PérezReading Date: 03/11/2000Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude
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