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Regional Public Television: The case of Televisión de Galicia. Digitalisation and technological evolution in Televisión de Galicia (1985-2012)

«This thesis analyzes the technological evolution of the TV of Galicia (TVG) since the launch of the first broadcasts in 1985 until the year 2012, which inaugurated what we could consider the first MAM digitalization of this company in the Delegation Provincial de Lugo of the autonomous public television of Galicia. This thesis aims to establish what events have prevented a complete MAM digitalization in Televisión de Galicia, up to the time of its writing, September 2015, since all the public television stations of the Spanish historical nationalities, TV3 in Catalonia and ETB in Euskadi have implemented a complete MAM digitalization in 2003 (TV3) and 2007 (ETB). This work also establishes an evolutionary parallelism in the MAM digitalisation between TV3 and ETB, the other two public televisions of the historical autonomies, by their common characteristics with TVG (approximate common start of broadcasts, justification of promotion of a proper language, structures business and organizational, etc.). At the same time this research work aims to delve into the consequences of the changes in workflows that the MAM digitalization carries with it, trying to establish as “Case study” the implementation of the work system with computer data files for the television process in the Delegation of the TVG in Lugo in 2012, replacing work with video tapes and VTRs».


Author: Rubén García DíazDirector: Dr. Xaime Fandiño AlonsoReading Date: 05/02/2016
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