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Ecuadorian audiovisual producers, context, structure and future perspectives

In 1874, the German scientific Theodoro Wolf projected for the first time in Quito images of her magic lantern about geology and geography of some European cities, and in 1887, in the Sucre theater, placed in the Ecuadorian capital, the first film projection was exhibited. Previously, in 1849, the first photographs spread around the country. TV arrives to Ecuador at the end of the 50’s, but already in 1920 -according to the country history- the creation of the fist filming enterprise, exclusively focused on distribution, is registered. Afterwards, other several initiatives arise, today considered part of the country memory.

The present thesis analyses the current context of audiovisual Ecuadorian producers, departing from the identification of an audiovisual enterprise created in the 50’s of the past century and that is still active. Despite the creation of other companies of this type, Ecuadorian audiovisual cannot be still considered as an organized nor competitive sector in a international level. As the first study on the independent audiovisual producers, it starts with the review and actualization of the Ecuadorian Audiovisual Producers Map in order to determinate the quantity of companies in the country, their features and the main challenges of the present and the immediate future. The new Ecuadorian public politics, aimed to strengthen the national audiovisual sector, justify the need of focusing our attention in the development, challenges and opportunities of that companies that continue to grow every day in the country.


Author: Carlos Ortiz LeónDirector: Ana Isabel Rodríguez VázquesReading Date: 27/01/2016
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