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Advanced visualization and interaction applied to virtual scenarios

The techniques of advanced visualization and person-computer interaction frequently used in the worlds of virtual and augmented reality have many other fields of application. This thesis studies the application to two environments: the virtual TV sets and the interactive museums.

The first case proposes a new hardware and software architecture, scalable and distributed, that allows the agile inclusion of new devices in order to improve the TV sets interactivity, making possible to confront one of the historical challenges of this technology that nowadays is still unresolved. On the other side, a study and a test with different advanced visualization techniques which allow a better integration of virtual and real world have been carried out.

Regarding interactive museums, four developments which make use of devices and new interaction metaphors in order to making them more attractive to the user are presented. The design, implementation and posterior exhibition process of the units in different interactive museums are described, analyzing the added value provided by the advanced visualization techniques and the interaction used in each case.


Author: Roi Méndez FernándezDirector: Enrique Castelló MayoReading Date: 18/04/2017
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