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International Conference in Vilnus (Lithuania) “Personal Perspective and Essayistic Form in Nonfiction Film and Art”

Margarita Ledo, Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the USC, will participate in this conference, accompanied by a representation of the GEA.



September 22 (Friday), Film and media space Planeta, A. Goštauto str. 2

9.20 Registration

9.30-9.40 Welcoming. Renata Šukaitytė (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Lithuania)

9.40-11.15 Panel: Ethical and Environmental Concerns
Chair: Katarína Mišíková (Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia)

Jana Dudková, (Slovak Film Institute, Slovakia), Personal and Trans-personal Perspectives in Czech and Slovak Ecocritical Cinema
Lenuta Giukin (SUNY Oswego, USA), Surreal(ism) and the “New Age” Movement
Teisi Ligi (Tallinn University, Estonia), Beyond Image: Cinematic Thinking and Ethical Encounters in Peep Puks’ Documentaries
Renata Šukaitytė (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Lithuania), Immersive Experience of the Era of Nuclear Energy in Emilija Škarnulytė’s Burial (2022)

11.15-11.30 Break

11.30-12.30 Keynote 1: Dr. Audrius Stonys (Documentary Filmmaker and Professor of Film Directing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre), To See What is Not Seen
Chair: Renata Šukaitytė (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Lithuania)

12.30-13.45 Lunch break

13.45-15.00 Panel: The Affective Turn in Galician Cinema: Self-representation, Diaries, Correspondences and Intimacy (2006-2022)
Chair: Margarita Ledo-Andión (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC), Spain)

Eloy Domínguez-Serén (USC, Spain), Frame Me Up: The Evolution of the Selfie in First Person Documentary
Marta Pérez-Pereiro (USC, Spain), Images of the Intimate and the Diary Form in the Galician Cinema
Cibrán Tenreiro-Uzal (USC, Spain), Do it Yourself. New Galician Women Filmmakers, Cinema of the Self and Digital Culture

15.00-15.15 Break

15.15-16.50 Panel: Artists’s Perspective
Chair: Aušra Trakšelytė (Vilnius Academy of Art, Lithuania)

Miklós Ambrózy (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania) Audiovisual Writing as a Method for Transversal Research
Artūras Bukauskas (Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania) Speech-to-image-to… The Film’s Textual Form, Understood from a Prompt Engineering Perspective
Migle Križinauskaite-Bernotienė (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Lithuania), Travelogue as Personal Gaze: Outer and Inner Terrains
Hannes Verhoustraete (KASK School of Arts, Belgium) Vue brisée / Broken View: Congo and the Magic Lantern

16.50-17.00 Break

17.00-18.15 Panel Sharing personal perspectives in non-fiction VR
Chair: Dagmara Rode (University of Lodz, Poland)

Monika Górska-Olesińska (independent researcher, Poland), Being an Other? Audience Positioning in Virtual Reality Non-fiction (VNlab case study)
Dagmara Rode (University of Lodz, Poland), VR experience of Joanne Popinska’s The Choice and the Tradition of Abortion Storytelling
Jakub Zawodniak (University of Lodz, Poland), Amanda Gutiérrez’s VR Walks: Experiencing Public Spaces Through Personal Stories

September 23 (Saturday), Film and media space Planeta, A. Goštauto str. 2

9.30-11.05 Panel: Minor Groups, Politics, Self-representation
Chair: Zane Balčus (Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia)

Katarína Mišíková (Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia), Representing the Self Cinematic Autobiography and Autofiction in Post 1990 Slovak Nonfiction Cinema
Lourdes Monterrubio Ibáñez (Paris 1 University, Panthéon-Sorbonne, France), Vincent Dieutre’s Essay Films. ReflecBng on Contemporaneity Through Self Representation
Dita Stalovska (independent researcher, Latvia) Representation of Minority Individuals and Groups in the Essay Films of Chantal Akerman
Ervin Török (University of Szeged, Hungary), Asymmetrical Minority Situations in Hungarian Documentaries

11.05-11.20 Break

11.20-12.20 Keynote 2: Dr. Laura Rascaroli (Professor of Film and Screen Media and Head of the School of Film, Music & Theatre at University College Cork), Penny Siopis’s Stylo-caméra, or the Unspeakable Subject of Cine-writing
Chair: Renata Šukaitytė (Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Lithuania)

12.20-13.40 Lunch Break
13.40-15.15 Panel: (Post)Memory and Trauma
Chair: Ewa Fiuk (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)

Karolina Kosińska (Polish Academy of Science, Poland), “Theater of War” by Lola Arias: War Trauma, Reenactments and Discourse of Dialogue
Inga Pērkone (Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia), With Essays Towards the Epos: Films About Deportations by Dzintra Geka
Andrea Virginás (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania), Small National Trauma Processing in Filmic Narratives: In the Name of the Father, Balkan Champion and Mom and Other Loonies in the Family
Dara Waldron (Technological University of the Shannon, Republic of Ireland) Trouble in the Archive: Making Sense of the Personal in Kamila Kuc’s What We Shared (2021)

15.15-15.30 Break

15.30-16.45 Panel: Wars and Revolutions
Chair: Lenuta Giukin (SUNY Oswego, USA)

Ewa Fiuk (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland), Dualistic Perspective in Purple Sea by Amel Alzakout and Khaled Abdulwahed (2020), an Image of Escaping the War
Alexander Gabelia (Ilia State University, Georgia), Sara Gómez’s Dialectical Gaze: Transformation of the Revolutionary Subject in Socialist Cuba, Marginalities in Public and Private Spaces
Narius Kairys (Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Lithuania), The Scientific and the Aesthetic: the Embodied Camera in the Nonfiction Films of Mantas Kvedaravičius

16.45-16.55 Break

16.55-18.10 Panel: Faces, Spaces, Memories
Chair: Teisi Ligi (Tallinn University, Estonia)

Zane Balčus (Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia), Essay Form on the Self and the City in Ansis Epners’ short films
Olga Grădinaru (Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania), Dana Kavelina’s Soviet Monuments and Post-Soviet Memory
Dimitris Kechris (Ionian University, Greece), History, Subjectivity and Public Sphere in Two Greek Essay-films by Tonia Marketaki and Eva Stefani

18.10-18.20 Closing Remarks

Margarita Ledo and a GEA representation in Vilnius (Lithuania)
They participate in the international conference “Personal Perspective and Essayistic Form in Nonfiction Film and Art”

The GEA participated in the International Conference “Personal Perspective and Essayistic Form in Nonfiction Film and Art” in Vilnius, Lithuania. The representation of the Audiovisuais Studies Group was made up of the Emerita Professor of Audiovisual Communication of the USC and IP Margarita Ledo, professor Marta P. Pereiro and professors Cibrán Tenreiro and Eloy Domínguez.

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