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Ver y querer ver. Foto de guerra contra periodismo

Who deserve tears and who just a place in a database? How can we update the substantive role of images in violent conflicts? A letter by MacCullin published in The Times in July the 17th of 1982 talks about the banning of photographing the Falklands: “they saw in my experience –meaning institutions– a thread for the images they intended to show”. A making that points political and ideological reasons and that invites to explore the way to free photojournalism from a system that forces it to disappear. “Here is NY: A Democracy of Photographs” was one of those experiences in which everyone could see in the walls of Soho, and as a response to the official 11S images, the picture they took in this instant of death. Ritchin, former editor of The New York Times, considers this practice as a preview to web 2.0 while reminding us that the massive destruction weapons do not exist but there was a war to destroy them. To look for the causes, not to remain in the  symptoms as a habit. To give certain facts their names back. To consider our right to adopt an attitude, both personal and political, in front of what is shown and what is hidden. To think about new tools with the active lucidity of Butler, Didi-Huberman, Harum Farocki…

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2014Titulo: Ver y querer ver. Foto de guerra contra periodismo Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Chasqui. Revista Latinoamericana de ComunicaciónNumber: 127Beginning page: 76Ending page: 85ISSN: 1390-1079
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