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Tres fotografías: dende onde o mundo se chama Galicia

If our main goal is to reconstruct the history of photojournalism in Galicia from the photograph as part of the journalistic discourse, it leads us to confirm some uncertainties that disable a linear story by being unable to construct, much less in the case of a social institution as the press, the period leading to the Second Republic with the long years of dictatorship, nor able to extract a major influence by photographic practices of the early years of political transition in the subsequent configuration of the role of photojournalism in the media enterprises. This article tries to establish an anthropological link between certain images to punctuate the signification of the photographic act and, finally, to highlight the value of the act of viewing, and the photos remembered, those images that among all the other images are ours, and we recover them so that other people love them too.

Author: Margarita Ledo Andión Year: 2011Titulo: Tres fotografías: dende onde o mundo se chama Galicia Category: Scientific article Title magazine/book: Fotocinema. Revista Científica de Cine y FotografíaBeginning page: 17Ending page: 32City: BarcelonaEditorial: GedisaURL:
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