Novas e Axenda Bota un ollo á actividade do GEA

Lecture of Marta Pérez at the Centre for Galician Studies in Wales


O venres 27 de novembro, o Centro de Estudos Galegos en Bangor (Gales) ofrecerá a conferencia “Landscape in the mist. A cartography of Galician Cinema in the last decade”, da investigadora Marta Pérez Pereiro.
O evento forma parte das actividades de difusión proxecto do Plan Nacional de I+D+i “Cara o Espazo Dixital Europeo. O papel das cinematografías pequenas en versión orixinal”(ref. CSO2012-35784. Ministerio de Economía e Competitividade), que desenvolve o Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais da USC baixo a dirección da catedrática Margarita Ledo Andión.

AGAPI releases new webpage and image
The association celebrates its 25th birthday with this gift

On the occasion of its 25th years old, the Galician Association of Independent Film Production Companies (AGAPI) changes its webpage with a new design and functions, seeking to improve the offered output. In this way, the webpage will try to adapt to current needs of the market and become a useful tool at service of […]

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The 8th edition of “Somos a Curta! Cinema do real” arrives
The award is aimed to the promotion of Galician languge in the audiovisual among the students

The Commission of Linguistic Normalisation of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the USC calls for the eighth edition of the prize Somos a curta!, that rewards the best audiovisual short in Galcian language of cinema of the real presented by any member(s) of the student body of the three Galician universities, of the official […]

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Galiza registers a descent in cinema audience and box office during 2018
The Observatory of Galician Culture warns in "O cine en Galicia" about the difficult times that the sector is going through

The audiovisual sector is going through complicated times, as the report “O cine en Galicia” concludes, registering a lost of viewers and incomes in traditional cinema. Last year, following state tendency, Galiza lost more than 100.000 spectators, what means a descent of one tenth in the medium attendance, now of 1,4 film per habitant. The […]

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