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La función ilustrativa de la fotografía en la prensa

The main conclusion is the emergence of photoilustration in the current press while defining the term fotoilustración and establishing categories.

It demonstrates the link between the development of photography for illustrative purposes in the press and the development of sevice journalism and the evolution of the physical models of the press towards supplementation and dressing.

The influences of photography as art and advertising photography are focused on the configuration of contemporary photo-graphic styles.

It is pointed out the partial substitution made by photojournalism of photojournalism while describing the causes of the crisis of this second type of image. The link that the photo-illustration makes between sectors of creation and of the media is analyzed. The strategies of the large groups selling images in the control of the photoilustration market are explained.

Author: José Baeza GallurDirector: Dra. Margarita Ledo AndiónReading Date: 14/12/1999
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