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I+C Investigating Communication

Foundational International Congress of AE-IC

I+C Investigating Communication was the central theme of the Foundational International Congress of the Spanish Association for Communication Research (AE-IC), which brought together half a thousand researchers and researchers in Santiago de Compostela. Outstanding personalities from the academic and scientific fields and 365 participants from 25 countries, mainly from Europe and the Americas, gathered at the Faculty of Communication Sciences.

This event showed the existence of a thriving critical mass in this scientific field of study, since 510 contribution proposals were received, of which 277 were selected to present during the three days of this forum for debate and reflection.

Likewise, the meeting served to facilitate cooperation and create networks to exchange information among researchers from more than sixty different universities, of which 18 were foreign.

Start Date: 30/01/2008End Date: 01/02/2008
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