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Fotojornalismo Performativo. O serviço de fotonoticia da agencia lusa de informaçao

The thesis investigates photojournalism, an activity little studied despite the relevant role it plays in the field of media, from the perspective of Newsmaking, professional and discursive aspects of photojournalism from a broad historical contextualization and from specific parameters of the Sciences of the comunication. Proof that a news organization such as the Agencia Lusa, partially supported by Portuguese taxpayers, should pursue, in a rule according to a higher law, a logic of public service that does not run out in the routine production of photoinformation.

The author starts from the idea that photojournalists have obligations and responsibilities towards their fellow citizens. And he concludes that public service must have quality, foster cordiality and civility, and be a vehicle for education.

Author: Jorge Pedro Almeida Silva e SousaDirector: Dra. Margarita Ledo AndiónReading Date: 01/01/1998Mark: Apto Cum Laude
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