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Do amateur ao militante: implicacións políticas e estéticas do cinema en formato non profesional na Galiza dos anos 70

Cinematic art, accomplice and witness to historical processes, tends to take giant steps in times of rupture. In the final years of Francoism, in an atmosphere of deep political and cultural agitation, new filmic expressions emerge. Using unprofessional filming formats, the term “Galician cinema” is coined. The present investigation attempts to provide a typological classification of the recording initiatives that circulated via an alternative distribution network in the 70‟s, comprised of film clubs, teleclubs, neighborhood associations, parishes, schools, and union establishments. We proceed to identify and analyse the main initiatives that form the cinematographic scene at that time: home movies which try to perpetuate the image of the family institution; activist films that look for an active spectator to take part in historical processes; the amateur circuit made up of both clubs and amateur film festivals. After the formation of the necessary taxonomies, the research focuses on three recording collectives that tried to lay the groundwork in order to create a uniquely Galician cinematography over the course of the decade. The creative work of collectives such as Lupa, Imaxe and Enroba allows us to develop an exhaustive study of their respective filmographies and, at the same time, to detect coincidences and specificities. The comparative analysis of these three groups, regarding their organizational structure, aesthetic choices, and stance towards a possible professionalization of the sector coalesces into a synthesis of these different schools of thought, forming the foundation of contemporary Galician cinema.


Author: Xan Gómez ViñasDirector: Dra. Margarita Ledo AndiónReading Date: 18/12/2015
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