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A Lógica das Imagens: Viagem pelo(s) Documentário(s)

The research is located in the fields of Documentary Studies (Documenty Studies), and recovers some of the reference areas, the documentary for Television, for the history of the cinema of the real. Analyzing the contributions of this genre both from the narrative point of view and the social effects of it, as well as from the authorial and professional point of view. The bibliographic and documentary compilation made is the most extensive and representative of those that up to now were carried out in throne to this study object that is shown to be pertinent, with a suitable method that is intended to study and make known and with a great profusion from sources.

Author: Jorge Manuel Costa CamposDirector: Dra. Margarita Ledo AndiónReading Date: 26/02/2009Mark: Sobresaliente Cum Laude
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