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A construción do personaxe esférico no relato televisivo de ficción seriada: o caso House M.D.

This thesis contains as its main objective an analysis of the construction of the central and usual character, through episodic architecture, into the plot of television fiction called ‘Drama Series’. More specifically, this research is a case study because it focuses on one of the most iconic products within the third Golden Age in the history of television fiction in the United States: the series House MD (Fox: 2004) and, specifically, on its central characters; Dr. Gregory House, whose surname and profession gives name to the programme; and his co-workers, Lisa Cuddy, Eric Foreman, James Wilson, Allison Cameron and Robert Chase; in order to determine their level of complexity and to establish whether we were in front of constructions of a spherical nature, that is, equipped with many distinctive characteristics. In order to materialise this way, the chapters that make up the first season of the series were subjected to a quantitative content analysis, which is extracted following qualitative inferences, which allowed us to determine that the fictional ones targeted obeyed a multidimensional or polyhedral setting: their constituent features could be divided into the social, personal and psychological. At the same time, it has been confirmed that the character of Gregory House developed a synergetic and cohesive role as a common nexus of the diverse subplots, which emanate from an enigmatic principal plot in which the medical team must discover the disease hidden behind a cryptic symptom picture. Finally, this thesis concludes that the fictional body of Gregory House, a sufferer of long-suffering chronic pain, corresponds to a messianic nature construction: to be endowed with immense powers to mitigate the suffering of others but unable to overcome his own martyrdom.


Author: Natalia Alonso RamosDirector: Dr. Enrique Castelló MayoReading Date: 14/06/2013Mark: Apto Cum Laude
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