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A popularización do fonógrafo en Galicia: 1878-1895

Technological innovations in the history of modern society played a fundamental role in the popularization of music. The recording and sound reproduction from physical media, from the primitive waxed papers and the tin or wax cylinders to the most modern digital formats, helped the diffusion of genres, compositions and artists all over the planet. This article illustrates what were the first witnesses of the arrival of the phonograph in Galicia: how this invention enters the cities with seaports, being a reason of interest and surprise on the part of well-off society and expanding in a few years to cities and villages. The pioneering public auditions with mechanical music reproduction are the direct precedent of the spaces that today, in the 21st century, we call discos.
Autor/a: Xaime Fandiño, Zósimo López, Henrique Neira Año: 2013Titulo: A popularización do fonógrafo en Galicia: 1878-1895 Categoría: Artículo científico Título de la revista/libro: Revista dos socios e Socias do Museo do Pobo GalegoNúmero: 8Ciudad: Santiago de CompostelaEditorial: Museo do Pobo Galego
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