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Wild Zone: violence and cinema directed by women in the Spanish State (2000-2018)

Beginning with the women-object-not subject heteropatriarchal norm that organizes the relationship between women and violence and between women and the Film Institution, the present research identifies a normative model that indicates the preferable options for the representation of violence in cinematography and which function is to (re)produce the ontology of women as the defenseless and inofensive gender; such model is characterized by the contextual norm women-object-not subject of representation of violence and by the textual norm women-object-not subject of the violent action represented. Taking as object of study the cinema directed by women in the Spanish State during the period 2000-2018, the research assumes that, having transgressed the contextual norm of the Film Institution and being, de facto, subject of representation, the women directors acquire the capacity of adhere, resist or transgress the normative framework of violence representation, entering then into the impossible and forbidden territory: into the place in which women are the subject of everything, the object of no one.


Author: García Cid, EireDirector: Ledo Andión, MargaritaReading Date: 04/11/2020
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