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International Symposium `CloudClass: Virtual Communication for teaching innovation´

Event of scientific dissemination of educational innovation implemented in the European project CloudClass.

The International Symposium CloudClass: Virtual Communication for teaching innovation will take place next Friday 17 February in Seminar 3 of the Faculty of Communication Sciences. The interdisciplinary nature of the programme aims to transfer the knowledge generated within the European project “CloudClass, CloudClass: Low Cost, Mobile, Cloud & Template Based Augmented Reality Studio for Education”, funded by the Eureka-Eurostars programme (Ref. E115354CloudClass).

Organised by the Grupo de Estudos Audiovisuais (GEA) and coordinated by its professors and researchers, Enrique Castelló and Roi Méndez, this symposium in english language opens the debate on the educational potential of technological tools for the creation and dissemination of educational content. This event focuses on the implementation of low-cost VR/AR/XR technologies in the classroom to enable more attractive, interactive and immersive learning in the university environment.

The line-up of specialists brought together for this Symposium brings together leading international industry and academic profiles in the fields of virtual communication, technological innovation and didactics. The analysis of Cloudclass technology will be approached from different perspectives: the business vision and technological development by Francisco Ibañez and Elena Llorca, heads of R&D projects at Brainstorm Multimedia; the viability of its use by teachers and students by Jim Playfoot, director and founder of the consultancy firm WhiteLoop; its implementation for teaching in virtual environments by Renate De Groot, Corrie Urlings and Kateryna Holubinka, The Open University of Netherlands; incorporation and methodology tested in face-to-face environments by Enrique Castelló, Roi Méndez and Rocío Sosa, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela; and finally, its use will be exemplified with a case study of the Polimedia project by Antía Mosquera, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. During the event, the book “CloudClass: Virtual Communication for Teaching Innovation”, coordinated by the symposium organisers, will be presented.

Due to its specialised nature, the activity is aimed at professionals and teaching and research staff in communication sciences and education, as well as undergraduate, master’s and PhD students in the disciplinary areas of communication and education.

Enrolment in the Symposium is free and open to all, subject to full capacity and prior registration, and a certificate of attendance will be awarded with the number of hours of classes attended. Confirmation of registration will be made during the coming week depending on capacity.

Registration is open until February 16th through this form.

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Title of the course: Symposium `CloudClass: Virtual Communication for teaching innovation´Description: Event of scientific dissemination of educational innovation implemented in the European project CloudClass.Dates: 17/02/2023 - 17/02/2023Location: Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación, Santiago de CompostelaLength: From 09:00 to 13:30 hInscription:
17/02/2023Facultade de Ciencias da Comunicación, Santiago de Compostela
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