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15 years of Communication Sciences in Galicia

The Faculty of Communication Sciences of the USC celebrated the congress for 15 years of Communication Sciences in Galicia. Press, photo, film, radio, television and internet (2006), directed by professors Xosé López, Xosé Soengas and Miguel Túñez. The meeting was inaugurated with an official ceremony in which the first academic and political authorities participated, as well as prominent professionals from the state journalism scene, such as the director of National Radio of Spain (RNE) Javier Arenas, who spoke about the state of radio, and Juan Pedro Valentín, who gave a workshop on the development of television news.

The event showed the trajectory of this university center as a pioneer in establishing the first joint degree in Galicia, which is the case of the degree in Audiovisual Communication, in collaboration with the University of Vigo. The program was completed with a permanent radio workshop, the making of a daily magazine, and a photography exhibition.

Title of the course: Quince anos de Ciencias da Comunicación en GaliciaDates: 20/11/2006 - 24/11/2006
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