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International Forum Cinema of Small Nations, Film Literacy and New Audiences

The objective of this forum is linking all the variables that contribute to the creation of new audiences. In order to debate this, the forum will bring together experts from several countries and from the academic, professional and creative fields. The focus, in this case, is the concept of small nations as communicative spaces, the cinema in original version and other situations in which the language, despite not being minoritarian, is minoritised. The event also addresses diversity policies not only as recognition but also as concrete actions that guarantee the expression and circulation of films.
The Forum is part of the R+D project ‘Towards the European Digital Space. The role of small cinemas in original version” (Ref. CSO2012-35784. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) developed by the Audiovisual Studies Research Group in the framework of the National Plan of R+D+i of the Spanish Government and under the direction of Prof. Margarita Ledo Andión.

Title of the course: International Forum Cinema of Small Nations, Film Literacy and New AudiencesDates: 23/10/2014 - 24/10/2014Location: Santiago de Compostela
23/10/2014Santiago de Compostela
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